Series of 3

During the summer break my wonderful family and I took a well-deserved break. My special day was on this particular vacation to the beach. There was my mom, my dad and best of all my two amazing sisters. Oh, I almost forgot to mention my hairy dog, Bandit, who loves swimming in the water with me.

On most days, I enjoyed collecting shells. One of them sounded like the ocean when I put my ear to it—so cool to hear what sounded like waves splashing against the shore. Something else I thought was awesome was spending some time in a hotel. At the hotel we: ate pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, swam in the pool, played a little mischievously with other kids. Something else I enjoyed was when we went to get ice cream with little rainbow sprinkles on top, chocolate-caramel sauce and cherries.

Halloween Poem

Spooky Halloween Night

On a special Halloween night,

When the moon sparkles bright

And skeletons are dancing white,

All I can hear is clickety-clack from behind the shack.

A mummy is walking across the hall,

With a grumbling tummy for all,

But he plummeted with a great big fall.

All I can hear is the thumping and bumping echoing a loud ring.

Witches have warts on their nose,

Awfully smelling toes,

But they are always ready to chant a spell they’ve composed.

All I can hear is the singing and prancing over cauldrons brewing.

All I can hear is the spookiest Halloween night!